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My hubby and I are photographers in Durango CO. Our greatest joy is making our clients happy and helping them have a stress free wedding or portrait session.

Our business was born in 2007 after years of practice, reading, studying, and then working with another photographer.  My dad was a photographer, so I guess I got the bug from him. Funny story - He used hot lights for his flash (this was a while ago), and my mom baked cakes for people. She had baked a cake for a baby shower complete with a crib and baby on the top made out of icing. My dad went to take a photo, and the hot lights melted the top of the cake. I do believe mom was a tad angry to say the least.

Call me at 970.884.5292 or email me at karen@karenskellyphoto.com

What We Do For You:

We will make your photo session or wedding super fun, totally fabulous, and stress free! After doing many weddings and portraits, we saw that the best images were when people were naturally laughing and having a good time. We will MAKE you laugh if we have to:}  Worried about your weight or double chins? We know how to pose and light you so you look amazing. 

You want your portraits to look beautiful?:  Do you want to jump in the water?  Do you want to laugh, tickle, giggle, hug, kiss, and just have fun?  That's how we make you look beautiful.

If you're doing your families portraits, we'll go to some beautiful locations and you can change clothes for different looks and variety.  We're a boutique studio so you get personal attention to every detail. 

When you hang a beautiful portrait on the wall of your home, this is a treasure and you will look at this every day and You. Will. Smile. Because these are the people you Love.

About Me:

I love wine, chocolate, and being outdoors. Sometimes all at the same time:)

I'm mostly a type A person. I want things to be done really well. I'm also very responsive - if you need something or have a problem, I'm ON IT.  

My hubby works with me both photographing the ceremony and reception, and holds the off camera flash with an umbrella for beautiful light. We're both runners and actually met at a half marathon, so we were made for each other and are best friends. We also love to hike, camp, and snowshoe. Being outdoors is our greatest joy.

We guarantee that if the images we create don't tell a story that brings you to tears of joy, we will give you a full refund

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