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We Create Your Family's Heirlooms 

Some things to help with your Family Portrait Session:

Wouldn't you love to have a  beautiful treasured heirloom for your family?  These are some things you can do to help make this a great experience. As professional photographers in Durango CO area, we want you to be happy and satisfied. 

Clothing is one of the most important choices - you want everyone to look great.  Choosing coordinated styles and colors is the first step.  For a casual portrait outdoors, long sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves work best.  For pants and skirts, denim and khaki look great.  If you are having your session in the spring or summer, you can choose from shades of pink, yellow, tangerine, pastel blue and light green.  If your session is in the fall or winter, black, brown, burgundy, gray, and blue work well.  You can wear sweaters with scarves and hats also - this will help you be more comfortable as well.  V-neck blouses and sweaters help make a woman's face look thinner.  To help you decide on colors, choose the area where you are going to hang the portrait and use the main color from that room.  If possible, lay the clothing out so you can make sure they are coordinated.  The colors do not have to all be the same.  Mixing clothing that are in the same color family looks great.  Choose from the colors I listed above and have each family member wear colors that look good together.  Also, solid colors work best - prints and loud colors draw your eyes away from the beautiful faces of your family.  Small striped shirts tend to look wonky in a photograph.  

I wrote a blog post that you might be interested in reading: https://karenskellyphoto.com/blog/fall-portrait-clothing-ideas-by-photographers-in-durango-co/ . 

If anyone in your family is sick, please call to reschedule.  It's no fun trying to look happy in a portrait when you're not feeling well.

For women:  Your makeup should look natural, so don't use dark eye shadow or eye liner as your eyes might show up as two black holes if they are too dark.  Bring along some powder, lipstick,  and a hair brush for touchups.
For men:  Please shave before the session so you don't have that 5 o'clock shadow (unless you want that look, which is ok if it looks good on you).

Glasses:   If you wear glasses, it would be a good idea if you don't wear them during the photo shoot, or you can remove the glass from the frames.  Glare from glasses is very hard to remove.  If you wish to wear your glasses, you can go to your optometrist and borrow some frames without glass in them.

Young Children:  I will try to capture your child's natural behavior and their personality.  I do ask that you have realistic expectations.  Not all children will cooperate and smile beautifully for the camera.  Some will be silly, some will cry, some will pout, and others will refuse to look at the camera.  If your child isn't smiling nicely for the camera, please don't reprimand them - this will only make matters worse.  I will ask that the adults look at me and smile nicely and not look down at the kiddos.  This way I can try to engage them to also look at me without having to worry about the adults looking at them and trying to get them to smile. 

Don't sweat the small stuff:  The more relaxed you are about the experience, the better the photographs.  Laughter and playfulness is expected and perfection is not what we are trying to achieve.  If you feel you might be tense, feel free to have a beer or glass of wine before the session. 

Be on time:  I try to schedule your session a 1.5 hrs or so before sunset, and since we will usually go to 2-3 different locations, being at the first location is important so we have time before it gets dark.  This is the time of day when the lighting is most beautiful.  Also make sure everyone is well fed, babies have had naps, and you have comfortable clothing.  If it's cold outside, bring along coats which can be tossed when I'm ready to snap the shutter.

Talk to Me:  If there is a special location or shot that would mean a lot to you, let me know.  Also communicate your desires to your family.  If your husband and kids (assuming you are the mom) have a chance to look at my website to see other family portraits, they might become more excited and invested in the session.

I give you a 100 percent guarantee that you will love your portraits or we'll re-do the session or return your investment.

Please give me a call at 970.884.5292 or email me at karen@karenskellyphoto.com if you have any questions.

You can follow me on my blog here - I would Love that.

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