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Professional Lighting Makes a Huge Difference

As Photographers in Durango CO, our mission is to make you look fabulous!

Many "natural light" photographers don't use off-camera flash, usually because they haven't taken the time to learn and don't know how to use it to make you look better.  Yes, they can do some work in Photoshop to lighten up your face, but it's never going to look as good as getting in right "in camera".  

The portrait on the left was taken without a flash.  The portrait on the right used an off-camera flash with an umbrella to soften the light.  You can See the Difference, I'm sure.  The portrait on the right has made her look gorgeous with light in her eyes and the background isn't washed out. This elevates the image from a snapshot to a professional portrait.

Many people don't notice the difference, but now you will. We will make you look awesome with the right light.

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