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The Images from your special day are the one chance you have to relive your Wedding Story.  We want you to remember what you did on your day AND how you felt. 

Long Live Love!

If you're ready for peace of mind that we'll capture your wedding images with emotion and love, then read on.  Whether you need a photographer in Durango CO for a large wedding or an elopement, we are here for you. We are strong believers in marriage and love, so get in touch.

After photographing many weddings, we noticed that the best images were those where the bride, groom, and guests were laughing and having a good time. So we made our tagline "fun and fabulous" and sometimes "funky" depending on the couple. We'll make you laugh if we have to:}                                                                                            

How to Choose your Photographer - You'll be spending lots of time with your photographer, both before, during, and after the wedding.  It's important that you like them and click with their personalities.  My husband and I are photographers in Durango CO, and would be working together at your wedding. We are both really easy to get along with.  We've done enough weddings that we don't get stressed over things that don't go right, because they rarely do.  We just figure out another way to do things.  If you don't have a wedding planner, we've directed many couples on how to keep things moving on the wedding day so we are able to capture all those moments and so you're not stressed out. Sometimes we work with the dj because they usually know how the wedding day works as well.

If you need help with other vendors, I would be happy to send you referrals - all of them are very talented people. 

Your Memories are Important - Your wedding is going to go by in a blur.  You won't remember much of what happens, and you won't know many things that happen throughout the day because you can't be everywhere.  This is the reason to hire an experienced professional who knows what they are doing.  I'll work with you on your wedding day timeline so we have the time and the good lighting for your photographs.

My Style - I prefer clean and timeless photographs that you will still love 20 yrs down the road.

I wrote a blog post about how we work with clients. It's in four parts, but you can access all of them on this last post:  Click here

Here's another blog post with wedding planning timeline tips. Click here

What Should You Do? First give me a call at 970.884.5292 or email me at karen@karenskellyphoto.com so we can set up a time to meet, or just talk on the phone.

If you would like to read "13 Suggestions for your Wedding Planning", send me an email and I'll be happy to send it to you. 

As professional Photographers in Durango CO, we guarantee that if the wedding images we create don't tell a story that brings you to tears of joy, we will give you a full refund

You can follow me on my blog here - I would Love that.

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